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Daniel Mitro

Marketing redefined

I am experienced marketing professional with 10 year under my belt. Let’s supercharge your online presence. By maximising the potential of your brand and increasing returns on investment.


He has everlasting energy to constantly discover new channels and trends for maximum effectiveness of campaigns that he tests until late at night.
He is a valuable team member, always willing to share current trends and information.
Cooperation with Daniel is pleasant and fruitful.
When I met Daniel on our projects, he was a PPC specialist with great knowledge and attention to detail. Over the years he greatly expanded his expertise and now he is a competent marketing manager and strategist. What I personaly value the most is his reliability - he always delivers on his promises.
Dan is a complex marketing specialist and strategist who can put together powerful marketing strategies that maximize profits. Dan is very strong at finding new opportunities, isn't afraid to try new things, and loves big challenges. He is a very strong pillar on the performance team.

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