My journey

Let me share my exciting journey in the world of digital marketing with you. It all began in 2013 when I obtained my Google Ads certification, igniting my passion for this field. I started freelancing, focusing mainly on WordPress websites. In 2016, I took a leap and joined a marketing agency in Kosice, Slovakia, where I pursued various certifications, ranging from search to analytics. As I continued to grow, I landed an opportunity in 2020 as a marketing manager for dating websites in Prague.

Working as a marketing manager provided me with invaluable experience, allowing me to oversee all marketing efforts with the support of a talented team comprising programmers, customer care specialists, and the owner. This hands-on experience helped me develop my skills in strategizing, reporting, and delving into detailed result analysis.

In September 2020, I embarked on a freelancing journey, catering primarily to local clients in Czechia and Slovakia. Witnessing remarkable success in growing revenue for e-commerce businesses by 100% in Slovakia was truly gratifying. Subsequently, I had the privilege of freelancing for direct-to-consumer brands in the USA, expanding my international experience.

However, as 2022 drew to a close, I realized I craved more. I yearned for deeper involvement in strategy and management. This longing led me to join Business Factory, where I had the opportunity to work on significant projects for international NGOs and e-commerce ventures as a strategist-account manager.

Throughout my journey, I also dabbled in affiliate marketing, explored the realm of email marketing, and ventured into various online projects. Over the years, I’ve invested tens of thousands into my education, ensuring I stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry.

Now, armed with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a genuine passion for helping businesses thrive, I am here to offer you my expertise in online marketing. Let’s collaborate and achieve remarkable results together.

“Digitally different”

Daniel Mitro